Great Links

Blogs and Pages with valuable expertise

MCU on Eclipse Outstanding site of practical articles with step-by-step pictorial guides.

Freedom Embedded.

EEVBlog. Who could miss mentioning Dave Jones’ videos?

Stack Overflow Vast trove of shared knowledge on all aspects of programming in question and answer format


Great Tools and Services

ARM GNU Toolchain . Site with downloads of command-line ARM tools for use behind Eclipse.

Eclipse .  Download site for latest builds.

Eagle from CADSoft. Free PCB design tools. Almost an industry standard. Not the best UI and awful component library tools…

Cyberduck. Excellent native Mac OS tool for FTP

CoolTerm. USB console terminal. Good for printing debug messages from an embedded board.

Text Wrangler. Excellent text editor for programmers. Mac OS.

OSHPark. Competitively priced US-based PCB prototyping service. Decent turn around time. Will take Eagle files directly.

Saleae Logic . Very good OS X native logic analyzer. Not Agilent or Tektronix, but way good enough…

MBED . ARM’s cloud-based C/C++ fast prototyping tool chain that works with a host of MBED-dedicated evaluation boards.

iCircuit. Not LTSpice but a really good native OS X app for quick prototyping of basic circuits.



AliExpress. Cheap semiconductors and other supplies from China