Thoughts on Qualcomm AllJoyn and ARM’s MBED IoT

At Qualcomm’s Uplinq 3 weeks ago, there was an awesome vision talk from Rob Chandhok on AllJoyn, QCOM’s vision for IoT (or IoE as they say). You can see it here.

It was interesting to compare that to the talk by Dave Locke of IBM at the ARM MBED event the following week. This was ARM’s big announcement of MBED branching out to the Cloud and the launch of MBED OS.

The IBM story was hub-and-spoke. Everything goes back to the Cloud. Well, of course. We make servers, software and services…

The Qualcomm story was of a meshy spontaneous web of devices around you that doesn’t necessarily go back to the Cloud, instead often sorting tasks out itself through a combination of smart devices. We make Apps processors!

I like to think of a combination of the two. Spontaneous mesh around you with gateways to the Cloud.

Having used both MBED and AllJoyn, I note that MBED is much easier to use. AllJoyn is an awesome, big, exciting vision. But for me it still fails the printf

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Google’s Modular Smartphone and Chinese Innovation

One of the reasons that the IOS platform has been successful is the App Store. It’s easy for developers to write code because there’s one platform to target. Android has always struggled with fragmentation. One of the reasons Jawbone didn’t put a radio into their bracelet was because the challenge of getting the code to work across differing Android phones. If the basic functionality of the handset is now also an unknown (because it is modular) this is going to add a new challenge. Time for some innovation. Read more